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Verified Neco 2020 Animal husbandry Practical Questions & Answers: Right Here Is The Correct NECO fishery practical  Questions And Answers Exam Runs, It’s Now Available Here.


NECO Animal & fishery Practical    (2020/2021)


Specimen A – Udder of a goat
Specimen B – Liver of a cattle
Specimen C – Testes of a goat

(i) milk in clean environment
(ii)keeping the dip and dip cup clean at all times
(iii)teat pre-dipped and post dipped

(i)inject the doe with oxytocin before milking
(ii)massaging the udder with bag balm
(iii)proper feed


(i)to control indiscriminate mating
(ii)to make Animal become docile and easy to handle
(iii)to quicken the fattening up of the animal
(iv)to prevent male animal with bad trait from being used for breading purposes

(i)it is darken red in color
(ii)it is divided into (2) two cups

(i)it regulate the blood sugar
(ii)it helps in fat metabolism
(iii)it helps in regulating animal body temperature
(iv)it helps in digesting the food animal has eaten
(v)it helps produce plasma Protein

Specimen D; groundnut
Specimen E; animal bone
Specimen F; elephant grass

Specimen D
(i) Protein
(ii). Vitamins

Specimen E
(i) phosphorus
(ii) calcium’


Specimen D.
(i) crushing of the seeds
(ii) pressing to remove oil from it
(iii)press remainant with machine to form comes

(i)Collect bones from abattoir
(ii)Dry and burn them
(iii)Crush the burnt bones to desire texture



(i)Guinea grass
(ii)Northern gamba

SPECIMEN G – Domestic fowl
SPECIMEN H – Live rabbit
(i)Rhode Island red
(ii)Plymouth Rock
(iii)New Hampshire


(i)Keeping the environment clean
(ii)Avoid overcrowding of birds
(iii)The bedding should be changed regularly


(i)Treating the animal with coccidiostat
(ii)Avoid lumping together the young with different litters
(iii)Maintain good sanitation measures




SPECIMEN A: Tilapia Aureus – (Tilapia fish)

SPECIMEN B: Late niloticus – (Nile perch)

SPECIMEN C: Bagrus docmac – (Silver fish)

SPECIMEN D; Citharinus Citharus – (Moon fish)



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