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Spermatogenesis is the process by which haploid spermatozoa develop from germ cells in the seminiferous tubules of the testis. This process starts with the mitotic division of the stem cells located close to the basement membrane of the tubules. These cells are called spermatogonial stem cells.

(i)it regulate menstruation
(ii)it support pregnancy in the female body

(i)milk production
(ii) development of mammary glands within breast tissue

(i)it is the act of exhaling air taking in
(ii) size of chest decrease
(iii) volume of lungs Refund causes deflation
(iv)air pressure increase

(i)it is the act of breathing in
(ii)size of chest increase
(iii) volume of lungs raises causing inflation
(iv)air pressure decrease

(1)Sow. – adult female pig
(2)Capon – castrated cock
(3)Heifer – female cow
(4)Dam – female horse

(i)Source of clothing
(ii)Used for decoration

(i)Makes them less docile
(ii)To check indiscriminate breed
(iii)To quicken the fattening up of the Animal
Heterosis in Animal improvement is the increase in such characteristics as size, growth rate, fertility, and yield of a hybrid organism over those of its parents. In other words heterosis by mating two different pure-bred lines that have certain desirable traits.


(i)local breeds are disease resistance while Exotic breed are not disease resistance.
(ii)Local breeds is better than getting larger eggs exotic breeds is better than getting smaller eggs
(iii)Local breads are also larger, more exigent on feed quantity while Exotic breeds are smaller, and are not exigent on feed quantity.

(i)It can lead to loss of species variety.
(ii)It does not have control over genetic mutations.
(iii)It brings about discomfort to animals.


(ii)skin to skin contact
(iii) weakness, foaming, weight lost, inability to eat,
(iv)burn or bury dead Animal deeply, good farm hygiene

(i) egg
(ii) nymph
(iii) adult


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