Questions Set on 15th May JAMB UTME


This thread is specifically to share actual questions that came out today 15th May. Don’t go around posting list of several past questions you copied somewhere on the internet or the so called JAMB expo flying around social media.


In government.


In pre-colonial Igboland,
autocratic rule was made difficult by the.

2The adoption of non-
alignment as a principle of Nigeria’s
foreign policy was aimed at.

3(Which of the following
countries pioneered the idea of ECOWAS
alongside Nigeria?

In government

1: A main feature of the
parliamentary system is that.

2: In the Nigerian
Constitution,the powers to create local
governments lie with the.

3: Following the 1976 Local
Government reforms in Nigeria,the Local
governments were empowered to.

4. Who is in charge of absolute monarch

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